Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Haiku Again

Join the fun!

This week's theme: Decisions

I have decided
To do what brings me sadness:
I have sold my home.

[Someone else will sit
Where I held my newborn girl
And rocked her to sleep.

Someone else will eat
Where all my friends and I ate--
Where we laughed and spoke.

Someone else will sleep
In the room my lil girl slept
and played pretend.]

The ghosts of all my
Memories haunt me at night
I no longer sleep.


  1. Not play the part of Polyanna, but with endings come new beginnings.
    Is there promise there?

  2. *hugs* it's never easy to move on, but life is an adventure, and you can't live it if you're sitting still. Look to tomorrow!

  3. I felt the emotion here. It is understandable that you'll mourn the loss of this home, but remember that new opportunities for happiness are here for you now. Great haiku!

  4. My mom just sold my grandparents house and closed on it this week. She was very sad as well. That house had been in our family for about 42 years. I so can relate to this. But I will always have fond memories and that gets me through any sadness and it's always good to look to the future :) Well done :)

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  6. Alesa: I have faith in God's promise to deliver me to the promise land.

    Thanks Jenn for the hugs.

    Oh Thom, that must be so difficult. I am the type of person who gets very attached to her home and her surroundings. I think this move will be especially hard on me versus my husband and daughter.

    Thanks Kelly! I have to remember to stay positive. How are things with you?

  7. Awe.... I understand your feelings. I hope that you find your new home to be a place of hopeful dreams and new memories to build.


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