Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Meme that keeps on Meme'ing!!!

On a recent meme post Microfiction Monday, a very talented writer Alesa got me thinking with this comment:

Blogger Alesa Warcan said...
I just followed your lead, but thank you for your kind words.

Might be interesting if the commenters added 140 character fragments to the story... but that, of course, is another story.

*To which I responded......

Blogger Jillien said...That would be an AWESOME concept. I once did something like that many years ago... the original story teller would give you three options on where to take the story.... so then you chose a path and continued to write... once you hit a crossroad, you posted 3 paths, and its goes on and on. It was lots of fun! It would be great to do one large infinite story post!

So it got me thinking?!?!?!? Would anyone be interested in a unending story meme???


  1. Um, in concept I'd be up for a collaborative project.
    However, I think it should have an end date. Without it, it would probably peter out before going anywhere.
    And just how would this be a meme?

  2. I could be interested in that. I know that I've read that someone does that with Flash 55 or did. I've seen it. Looked interesting :)

  3. Jillien, that does sound interesting. I would participate :)


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