Sunday, January 09, 2011


The clock is ticking down the seconds--
Throwing them in with the rest--
Eternal waste basket of used time.

My mind is focused on being calm,
Although each tick is like a powerful
drum controlling the rhythm of my heart.

I will myself patience and confidence.
I attempt double-think--trying to trick myself
That I can do this and while not probable, definitely possible.



  1. Your poetry always speaks to me. I think we're poetic soul sisters :) I know that you'll climb any mountain in front of you Jillien. Great poem as always.

  2. Lovely writing, I love the choice of words painting simple pictures.

  3. Hello, how are you?
    Simply want to check out on you and offer you our greatest appreciation for your support to potluck poetry. You rock!

    Reminder: week 18 Theme: Languages, Signs and Symbols

    The more you share, the happier we are. Plan ahead and have your entry poem. We are open Sunday 8pm, American Central time, linking in early would benefit your work with more encouragements.

    Hope to see you on Sunday at:

    Let me know via email if you have questions or doubts.

    Again, we treasure your participation and would be great to see you again on week 18.

  4. Very nice. It's hard to not pay attention.


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