Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My lunch Hour

[I currently have 8 minutes to finish this post and get on the road to make it to work by 12:30---to continue my day until who knows what time tonight---to bring home the bacon, etc]

I've been a working mother now 7 months. I eat less vegetables.

I spend more time with my co-workers than with anyone else, including my daughter and husband.

I feel more comfortable in our finances, and feel happiness with the fact that financially we're not in a hole (anymore).

I have 1 hour to eat.

I don't work out at the gym. Nothing. No exercise except for the 50 squats I secretly do when I wake up or if I skip the morning, before I go to sleep.  These 50 squats do nothing but help me pretend like my butt isn't sagging from endless hours of sitting at a desk.

I try to write.

I try to think.

I try to read.

I try to be patient with my family.

I try to be a better woman.

I sometimes do not succeed, and sometimes I do.



  1. I do those squats too. You are a busy lady. But I know the writer in you is still percolating...

    Just want to let you know that I did a vlog if you want to come by and "see" me. Hope I don't look too tired!

  2. Hi Jillien,

    One more thing. If you're on FB, I would love to connect with you there too. Just send me an email I started a FB group called Moms Who Write. A bunch of mom blogger writers who get together for support and dialogue. I think you would enjoy it. Take care - Kelly

  3. Busy woman you are! You have my admiration! Nor many can do it! Bravo!

  4. You are trying and that's a great thing -- when so many stopped. Let's keep on inspiring!

  5. glad to see you writing. praying for you because being a working mama sounds very hard. i cannot even fully imagine all you deal with. but be patient with yourself because He is. your desire is to grow and that is amazing. I believe God is going to do mighty things in and through you with that heart. keep your head up.


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