Sunday, July 08, 2012


Having had this blog since I was 19 years old, I have a kind of reference library for my writing in a way--I would definitely go as far as referring to it as a history of my personality and sense of humor. I turn 27 this month, and my little archaic viewer counter just recently reached 20,000 visitors onto this page, and  while I'm sure 20k unique individuals haven't read my blog, A LOT of people have. Old friends, lost friends, ex-boyfriends, strangers, creepers, you name it and it's come here, I'm sure.

For giggles I started browsing through the archive and stumbled onto this post: from 3+ years ago, and to be honest, it still makes me laugh :D
Lee says I'm the only person he knows that cracks herself up as much as I do, and I just tell him that I crack myself up because I'm hilarious!

But it is a strange feeling going back. I've not reread my entire blog, but I wonder sometimes how I will feel if my children ever read this mess.  I'm sure I will be ashamed of plenty and will have a lot of explaining to do, but this is all I've ever known really. Before this blog, there was a old funky geocities page on yahoo, and before that I would write in a journal. But writing is all I know.

I think of my English degree and wonder, what the hell am I? People with teaching degrees are teachers, biology degrees--biologists, chemistry degrees are chemists, engineering degrees are engineers, but WHAT AM I!?

So I went to college to learn how to read and write better that the a-ver-age bear (although you would never know it by judging the grammar and writing on this blog!) But what am I really?I don't think I'm there yet. I don't think I've yet done enough to establish myself in this world, but here I am still clicking away at this keyboard. still hitting publish on this blog that... can be a little stupid sometimes, ya know?!

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