Thursday, July 12, 2012

How much is TOO much?

So I know parents out there can agree with me when  I say that sometimes kids get themselves in sticky situations or potentially dangerous situations, but then MIRACULOUSLY come out unscathed!

Well this week my 3 month old did the old "roll-off-the-couch" maneuver. While I was totally wigged out, she actually didn't hurt herself or even fuss for more than 15 seconds! She landed on a pillow, but that doesn't take away from the panic and overall crappiness I felt, having allowed her to fall off of the darn couch...

Now came my dilemma. Taking into consideration that Baby was alright, Should I or Shan't I tell Lee that baby rolled off couch?

One friend advised to tell him in like 20 years when its become inconsequential.
Can you imagine that conversation? "Oh yeah, I have something to tell you. When baby was 3 months old she rolled off the couch. It was terrifying! Pretty touch and go for a while. But as you can see, alls well that ends well. Love ya :D"

At the same time, telling him now when he's so emotionally charged and overbearingly protective of her could cause him to overreact ey? And if you know my husband, you also know that he has a tendency to overreact to such situations.

So, I did end up telling him, and I have to admit that he took it rather well.


  1. My grandson and my daughter do things to themselves all the time...because they both power through life. Their "incidents" are always good family jokes.

    1. haha thanks for the encouragement


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