Monday, September 19, 2005

i need a job

so i'm chilling at home and i receive a call from napoleon... remember him>? he's the attorney i used to work for on st. Charles. well turns out that the legal assistant he got to replace me after i left is lost and cannot be found due to the hurricane. he thinks she's in a shelter. well he needs me to work for him. i guess until i go back to school in january. its going to be funny trying to find criminals in all this mess. 'the smart ones will have changed their names and fled the damn state, gotten jobs offshore and gotten a new ssn.' according to nap. but i'm sure they arent all that smart. anyway the problem is i KNOW i;ll be doing all the work and that sucks because i dont really like the type of law he practices. but o well. a paycheck is a paycheck.

come to think of it i havent received my money from the tanning salon. i think i'll do that first thing in the morning.

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