Thursday, September 22, 2005

NOPD is grrrr

So my friend Cool was stuck at the Royal Sonesta on Bourbon yesterday when they issued the mandatory evacuation. So i picked him up. brought him to power blvd. then TO BATON ROUGE. i had to lie to get my way into new orelans and to get back in... i was soo pissed off. i'm trying to get on the cresent city connection and the cop is like where are you headed.

Jillien:"Um to New Orleans"
cop:"well nobodys allowed in. theres a mandatory evactuation"
Jillien:"i understand that. thats why i'm going in my brother is working on Bourbon Street and he doesnt have a car to evacuate. i'm picking him up so that he can leave.
cop:"[now redirecting her]no mam cant let you in everyone is evacuating
Jillien [now screaming at the top of her lungs and in the middle of the road]"THATS WHY IM GOING IN TO EVACUATE!!! YOU ARE NOT LISTENING TO ME.

[jillien turns around and goes back on the overhead expressway... she sweet talks a different officer and that wonderful gentleman lets her in to save her older brother!]

the end

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