Thursday, October 20, 2005

Freud got something right...

i spent 12-14 hours yesterday racking my brain through a problem of mine that i cant seem to let go. [probably because its in my face everyday] well for the first time in my life i reveal my humanity and disclose every nook and crany to my friend, Andy. so andy and i discuss this problem off and on for the entirity of yesterday. he gave me his advice; i told him my vices. I disclosed some background information, and he gave his opinion. and through all of this discussion, advices, interrogatories, and what not... I had a freudian slip and answered my own question. it just jumped out of my mouth in t he most awkward of times. both me and andy looked shocked and were quiet for a couple of seconds before andy starts jumping up and down and pointing at me saying,"thats it... thats it... you answered it. there's no more to say" it was the craziest thing that has ever happened. i guess because this was the first time that i let everything go. I wasnt super woman [like i always try to be]. i always want to solve thigns on my own. keep it bottled in. i never really talk about my 'feelings' or anything like that. and it took SEVERAL hours but it happened. i got my epiphany. wow

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