Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Best Weekend Ever

ok so since i live in a predominately catholic state most businesses get off for good friday during easter holidays... other people call it spring break.. anyways i ended up having a 3 day weekend and it was wonderful!

On friday i ended up going crabbing with lee's guy friends on the lake... [i had NO idea i was going to be the only chick. i think they wanted to have a guys day out and then i tagged along but considering i had the best time ever i dont regret going lol] well i got sunburnt to a crisp and now i'm all itchy and peeling but ITS GREAT! i finally got sun and i FINALLY did something.

On saturday i ran a few errands but really i got nothing done but spend money on nothingness. i bought breakfast, snowballs, cheap sunglasses, groceries... it was ridiculous. later that night there was a party by lee's best friend's house and it was a lot of fun.

Easter sunday i spent with lee and his mother and then lee and i went and ate dinner with my cousins.

It was finally a memorable weekend. filled with fun and good times and relaxation and happiness. and i really needed.

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