Wednesday, April 26, 2006

oh when them saints

I've never been in a point in my life where nothing made me happy. I have been depressed and cried up to 4 times a day but at some point i would laugh about something or calm down.

i came across someone today that cannot find ANYTHING to make her happy. how can that be? she focuses on how meaningless life is, and how there is no point to living, but then if life had no meaning that would make living a hell of a lot more fun. i mean think about it. if you just died and nothing happened then all your sacrificing and energizing towards goodness would be a waste. If i thought life had no meaning thats when i would start focusing on me. do whatever i want. but then what if there were nothing i wanted? where would i go from there? it would be a living hell. like thirst that never goes away. I think when you have faith in something life becomes happy. Faith in Jesus, Faith in Allah, Faith in Buddah, Faith in something other than yourself, you get a purpose and a goal and tasks to fill up your day. like George Michael says "gotta have faith"

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