Tuesday, April 25, 2006


So this friday is my last day of work and i'm feeling kind of sad. At first i thought i hated my job, but then i realized it wasnt my job it was where i was working... the office i mean. it was just overly ridiculous and not productive, but since i moved to the new orleans office i've been happy. i've been able to tolerate the day, and laugh and have a good time and pass the day. I am always busy but in a good way. I'm not busy answering phones or filing like i was before. I'm busy doing what i was hired to do which is to WORK, legal work AND i love it. i'm kind of sad that it is all ending. i just got to that office. it just got good. i just started to get happy and now i have to go. but there are many reasons for that. i just wish that they werent there. I wish that life was the way it was 5 months ago. i thought i was on the right track and i was happy and everything was going good. I was moving on and moving forward and now i've hit a wall. When am i ever going to find peace?

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