Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My semester is finally over

Ok so my semester ended with a bang. I got into a fight with a professor on the DAY of my final, in which he said many horrible things to me like..."i would have made you suffer severely..." and "i dont threaten people- i get even"

which sent me crying hysterically all the way to the dean's office where i TOLD ON HIM! i cannot afford to have any professor mess up my grades because he is old and cranky. anyways i got my grades today and i'm happy to say that they are all A's but unfortunately i have to take that teacher next semester for a 400 level english course. The department head said i would be able to substitute it for another because he was just too horrible to me. wish me luck guys... i only have a week and a half then i start spring semester on the 1st of may!

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