Saturday, August 09, 2008

All Together now

Its strange how slowly yet intensely life can pass without your awareness. Lately my anxiety has been growing. I didn't realize how intense it had become until it was suddenly relieved today. Just a simple phone call from a friend and a loving visit from my beautiful cousin last night released the mounting pressure. It also hasn't helped that this week has been an endless distraction from life due to the twilight books. I started the first book on Monday. Its saturday night and i'm over half way done the last book. It has been an intense reading week. Unfortunately for my family, when I begin reading it is hard for me to pull myself away, and then I find myself doing nothing but reading. I don't eat. I don't sleep. I just read. I'm thanking God that I'm almost done, and by next week I'll be able to concentrate on Lia the way I should be. I'm feeling better now.

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