Friday, August 29, 2008

TTWWWIIILLLIIIGGGHHTT: twilight twilight twilight!

i'm sooo addicted to the Twilight series of novels. Not only have I read all of the books, TWICE. I also read and watch everything the internet has to offer on the upcoming movie. Although, I am really disappointed that they've decided to delete/add/change some of the events of the book. I wish the author would have been more stern on the adaptation of her novel. Instead, I'm pretty sure that the movie will be more like: "loosely inspired by the novel Twilight". NONETHELESS, i'm still ECSTATIC!!!! I just looooove Robert Pattinson who is playing Edward Cullen. I think he'll be great. I've decided to provide you with 2 very hilarious twilight spoofs. They'll only be funny if you've read the books. So if you haven't please take a moment to read them and catch up.... do do do do do do do dum dum dum do da do da... that should be enough. And now for your viewing pleasure!

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