Friday, November 14, 2008

Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra Chorus

Just a big name for: I sing opera in baton rouge.

Anyways, our first performance of this season is next thursday on the 20th. I would be really excited except for the fact that I'm not that sure of my parts. and I have this incredible girl who sits next to me during rehearsal, and when i lose my way i just listen to her and I'm back on track

(did you notice how many 'ands' I used in that very long sentence?)

Ok so, when we perform we are all mixed up. First Sopranos and tenors and basses and altos and second sopranos... everyone just mushed together. "It makes for a better sound" --they all say.

But Knowing me i'll probably start singing with the tenors then the altos then jump the sopranos before i realize that we had all stopped singing.

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