Thursday, November 27, 2008

Late night hysteria

Lee is reading on the couch. It is passed midnight. Jillien is also up but surfing the web. She gets up to join Lee in the living room. Something has popped into her head... A youtube video. Bonquiqui. She thinks "Don't interrupt... rude" Can't help but mess with Lee. She sits next to him on the couch and begins telling him, "I will cut you."--in her best Bonquiqui voice. Lee is always telling her that he thinks she's ghetto. So she brings it up. "Lee," she says in half giggles, "Ya know how you're always telling me that I'm ghetto and calling me Jillawanda?! Well when i was younger my friends used to say the same thing except they called me Shapatatweet." (pronounced: Sha- pah- tah-tweet) Lee starts laughing, "I think i like that name better than Jillawanda-- Shawahlatwat." Jillien hoots out, "Shawahlatwat?!?! How did you get shawahlatwat from Shapatatweet?!!"

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