Monday, November 17, 2008

Busy as a Bee

My life has become so incredibly busy that it is almost impossible to blog about it ALL. some things i just find too long and too much to be able to type. Its funny because I'm a stay at home mom yet I do so much. Maybe its me. Maybe I'm the one that always FINDING things to do. Then I've loaded up my plate with a million tasks and feel full to the brim.

I've always been like that. In high school, in college, and now in married life. BUT i love that. I love feeling necessary-- feeling productive. I am not a stagnant person. I know many people who are in heaven when they have NOTHING to do. I am not that person.

Honestly, when i find time that is unoccupied. I sit in front of the computer and blog about the times that i was occupied. lol

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