Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So i went to a thrift store here in Baton rouge the other day looking for a crazy 80's looking dress to wear to a party.

Okay i don't know what its like in your city, but where i come from (westbank) everyone goes to the thrift store and most are really nice and clean and big and have great finds.

Well this was DEFINITELY not like that at all.

It was like the funkiest dirtiest place i had ever been into. Even the people that were in there were the freaking weirdest people in the world.

When i was checking out, this crazy looking man that was around 6 foot tall and smelled like rotten bootie crack came in looking all spaced out. A total looney bird. The old crazy woman in front of me with 2 of the direstiest children in america --They looked like they belonged on a pamphlet to sponsor children... anyways She turns-the old woman i mean-- and looks at this stinky crazy dressed man and says "oh look kids, a Pirate!"

I mean I was thinking "oh watch out kids, a pedophile"

Totally turned off. I have only found one decent thrift store in BR so far and thank goodness its the one right by my house. I'll stick to that one from here on out!

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