Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I See God There: Ode to Kimi C

In your smooth west-coast flair
I see God there.
And as you gently ripple through the thrashing waves
And lead the women through example and grace,
I see God there.
It is your constant support of a man much burdened,
That allows a whole people to become closer to salvation
That much closer to the LORD.
And it is in that love that I see God.
And to me even closer still.
You've blessed and cared
For that most precious to me.
You stepped in, when I was forced to step out,
And I see God there too.


  1. Your poetry is just bursting through with fire and energy. Keep going girl!!

  2. geez, make a person cry. your words are too kind.

  3. thoughtful..

    well done.


  4. very anointed you! thank you for sharing this.. my potluck-

  5. smiles. i think that might be the greatest compliment to see God in another...

  6. A clear vision, imagined well.


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