Friday, September 10, 2010

Take A Seat

I sit down...
Some more
With feet aching.
This is a different type of sitting.
This is leisurely sitting...
A sitting filled with depth and longing.
A sitting calmed with rhythmic breathing.
A sitting with eyes closed.
I'm waiting
For the words.
Only words.
No calls
Or orders
Or goals
Or expectations
This sitting is my sitting.
I hum.
And the familiar voice is echoed through my ears and mind
I know this voice and I quickly shut it off
wishing not to make a sound.
I want my body entirely silent.
Just sitting.
This is where I feel my best.
Not on a beach with the bright sun crisping my skin.
Not on a boat ride bouncing on the choppy waves.
But in my room
Darkened room
With no sounds.
Only words.
Silent words.
and Sitting, of course.


  1. Jillien, the raw honesty of your poetry is captivating. I really love this one. Well done!

  2. I have the same favorite place.

  3. I love this seating arrangement!
    A date with myself that is :)

  4. I love the sense of your own personal space, your sitting. Well written.
    here from Poetry Potluck.

  5. I felt at peace reading this. Lovely.

  6. so interesting, i had to read it over a few times! loved the open ended question!!
    here's mine if you wanna check it out.

  7. I have to agree, this is a calming piece. Sometimes, happiness can be achieved by something as simple as sitting.


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