Saturday, April 30, 2011

As of late....

I've read the Hunger Games trilogy:

It's a drama, thriller, horror, sci-fi action super series. I really loved it, but you have to have nerves of steel to get through it. Several times it got so difficult to withstand that I thought about shelving the books.

Also, for about 2 weeks I have been organizing a picnic for my church. But not just any church picnic, but I wanted an ultimate picnic/tournament event. What's on the agenda? Well kickball, ultimate frisbee, and soccer to start!! Don't believe me??

So its on for tomorrow. But if you can only imagine. This church picnic took more planning than all of my other events combined. Starting with getting the business liability policy to incorporate the city of durham, to choosing one park out of dozens that is not in a Bad! area. I mean barbed wire, missing swings bad.  To obtaining 2 separate permits from Durham parks and recreations and the Durham Police department.   To learning the rules of kickball which turned out to be a 12 page downloadable pdf file filled with diagrams and models.

But call me crazy.... I love that stuff!!! I can't get enough of throwing a good party. Hopefully this picnic is a success and not a huge flop. I'll be totally heart broken. But knowing how awesome my congregation is, they will make a good time out of anything. Big props to God for the awesome weather we're to have all this weekend.


  1. church picnicks rock...yopurs sounds like a bunch of fun...enjoy:)

  2. Good for you my friend.Wish you all the best.Hope all goes good.Nice interactive post.Keep it coming.
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    Thank you.Lovely day.

  3. I bet it went really well!! I'm sure everyone appreciated all your ideas and hard work. Sounds like fun :)


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