Friday, April 01, 2011

Seasonally Depressed

I'm starting to think that the stark North Carolina weather gave me seasonal depression... You may be thinking What in the WORLD!>!>!>??? With which I would respond to your thought with a big Hell Yes I was depressed.

How could that happen in NC where it's supposedly the "south?" Well evidently here in NC the winter starts in October and ends in the unforeseeable future!!!!!!! And coming from Southern Louisiana where the seemingly endless summer monopolizes our other seasons, where its bombardment even surfaces in the little cool weather that we do receive in January through early March, I believe my body was shocked and it spiraled down toward the oh-so-true (which i had thought was an urban legend/joke type of situation) seasonal depression! haha!


But I'm beginning to think that I'm finally cured. I spent 5 glorious days with the people I love most in the world in the 80 degree sunny weather of New Orleans, LA. And laughed until I almost peed on myself. Ate until I started to feel like a glutton---just happy again.

And I was wondering where did this feeling go? Did all of my jubilance stay in New Orleans, and did I only take contentment back with me to NC?  Don't get me wrong... what more can one ask for than contentment? What more does a mere human deserve in this world? But it just brought me to a place of passion, excitement, hilarity, music, beignets, crazy balloon twisters in the streets, Catholics that don't go to church, hurricanes, sun, ferries, street cars, my late grandmother, my youth, my loves, my friends, concerts, mini-skirts, platform shoes, all girl catholic high schools...................

I'm back in NC, and enjoying the peace of being back in my home. Happy that it's finally Friday. Wishing my family and friends were here with me. Slightly envious of others with plenty of friends and things to do. But here in Raleigh I read. I read and sing. I read and sing and try more than I did back in New Orleans to be a good wife and mother. With the distractions gone. I sit. I think. I go back and forth from reading the bible to reading terrible romance novels....
(I'll have to account for that in Heaven, for sure).


  1. ah i am sure god loves a good romance novel...smiles. used to live in raleigh...actually in knightdale and worked on capital blvd...anyway...we all need those get aways and new orleans is a fun place to get away the food down there..

  2. Brian, you've lifted a burden off my shoulders. I hope God loves a good romance novel. We would have much to talk about then.

    Knightdale, ey? one of my coworkers lives there. I've been in raleigh a year and have yet to venture out. I've not gone to knightdale or many other places within wake county, come to mention it. I'm not quite sure what's keeping me.

    So you've been to NOLA. The food ispretty incredible. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself down there :)

    Enjoy your weekend Brian.
    God bless you,


  3. Jillien, I was so happy to "hear" you voice again. I think that it is helpful for you to work out these feelings the way that you are. Keep reading and searching and writing. That talent of yours should never be shelved. Take care my friend, Kelly


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