Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's not mine--A Not-Me Tuesday event

A long time ago I used to participate in a meme called "Not Me Monday" and it was a way to confess things in your daily life that you didn't do,would never think of ever doing, and/or wouldn't be caught dead doing! *cough* It was hosted by MckMama and since I'm not sure that she does it anymore, I felt compelled to write one tonight on this reminiscent Tuesday.


I keep such a clean home that it would be appalling to think that my house could be so dirty that when my neighbor knocked on the door to let us know that he had taken our trash to the dumpster for us, that we'd duck behind a wall and wait for him to go away so we wouldn't have to open the door and let him see our filth. We would NEVER do something like that. Our home is so pristine you can come at any moment of the day and it would look straight out of Better Homes and Gardens magazine!! (NOT)

Also because I always clean up after myself... there is NO WAY that after I cut Lia's hair in the bathroom, I would just leave the hair all over the place and not pick it up. So of course when Lee went to brush his teeth, his toothbrush was NOT at all covered with hair!!!! That would be gross and totally out of character for me!

So there you have it. Very clear examples of how we always have it very well put together.


  1. Well!!

    Three Cheers!! I am sorry!! Your home would be tidy I believe (unlike my room) but sometimes, you can drop off from the wagon!!

    with warm regards
    CatchyTips For Writers

  2. You are not alone in your zealous cleaning habits.

  3. Nessa you just cracked me up!!hahhaha

    i knew there had to be other "clean freaks" like me around!

    @Allmyposts, Thanks so much for your support. I wish that my lack of cleanliness were only a slight drop off the wagon.... my friend, I've never been on the wagon!

  4. I never put a tidy home before precious family time. When the kids were younger, it was far easier to keep house and I dread the day there's no extra clutter about for me to tut at.


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