Monday, March 19, 2012

If I hear someone tell me I'm nesting, one more time....

I'm gunna go off (inside my head), but on the outside I'll just chuckle and say, "Yeah I suppose."

But lemme just tell you that it ticks me off.

If you were having a guest over to your home, would you not clean? If you were having someone move in, would you not have to move things around to make room? Why when I've got another human moving in with me for at least 18 years by means of birthing her are my cleaning and rearranging attributed to this irrational, hormone-induced hysteria known as "nesting?"

Any other time I single-mindedly clean and organize, others attribute it to a  normal "spring cleaning" mentality. Have a baby in your belly and people tilt their heads to the side, give you this all-knowing smile, and smartly comment on your nesting...

**Now after rereading this rant, I suppose I am a little hormonal and hysterical...Time for this baby to come! Then maybe I'll go  back to normal.***


  1. Nesting. Ha, I am with you on this one.
    I thought that term only applied when you were moving to a new "nest." I didn't know birds rearranged their nests each spring, do they?

  2. Well I know that when my sister was due she went on a mad cleaning spree around her place, so i think there is something in the logic. but I guess just like a bird gets the nest ready for her babies, a mother will get her house ready for her children.

  3. LOL! It sounds like a very rational and positive thing to me. Good for you. Don't listen to anyone, enjoy your decision to clean and make room and Congratulations!

  4. Hello.
    I have to agree with Madeleine. Someone's always going to have an opinion. You do what's right for you. Wishing you well & a safe delivery. Thanks for sharing & visiting.

    Beautiful Rainbows

  5. Ha ha... You better hope the Cronster doesn't read this one because you just know what he'll be saying next time he sees you.

    1. Good point. Luckily for me, I've stayed under his radar :)


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