Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Homemade Baby Food cont...

So I mustered the courage and pureed my chicken dinner!

This is before:

This is what it looked like after:

I used the baby bullet that my husband and older daughter gave me for Christmas last year, and it worked really well!

The consistency is a little gritty and the color very pale. I don't know how to fix that! But I'm going to keep trying and researching how to get a better consistency with chicken.

But Maggie ate it up just the same! So I must not have done too poorly.

Here's what I did:

I roasted a 3-4 lbs turkey in the oven stuffed with lemon, onion, sage, thyme, rosemary, and apples. I lined the pan with carrots, celery, apples, lemons, onions, and potatoes. (425 degree oven, 1/4 turn of the pan every 20 mins, for about an hour to an hour 20mins. I cover with foil for the most part of cooking and right when it's almost done, I remove the foil to crisp the skin.)

Once it was done, I stuck it in the fridge, and didn't get the courage to puree it until the next day.

I put 1/2 the breast, potatoes, apples, and carrots in the blender. (I cut up extra apples and carrots and put them in with the cooked ones) Poured plenty of water and PUREED!

I kept adding water as I needed to achieve the creamiest texture I could.

The end :)

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