Friday, December 14, 2012


Is anyone safe?
From the wild machinations of mad men?
The loud banging
Of extinguished souls
Forever seared in the
Tramautized minds
of lucky(?) survivors.
And what of us?
What of us fellow Americans,
Fellow fathers and mothers,
Fellow men and women,
Fellow human beings?
How do we help convince you
That there's life after these deaths?
How do I help you remember that
God is good?
How can I comfort you in
God's justice?
Where would I be?
What would I do,
If I were you?
Could I ever smile again?
Could I ever laugh or hope?
Could I ever worship or praise?
Should I?
An imbittered hardened heart
That should beat only for the Lord
Stops mid-beat.
And only God can make it
Once more.


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