Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Science with Lia--Light

We learned about light today.

We learned that ordinary, white light is actually made up of many colors! We made this cool color wheel and spun it on a string to show how all the colors blend together and how your eye can't pick out any one color in particular!
Then we read The Magic School Bus Makes a Rainbow to really drive home the point that white light is made of different colors, and when those colors come together it becomes while light again. Really great story!

But then I confused her royally when we talked about light bending. We used water and oil to show how the light bends and makes the noodle* look broken. As you remember a few days ago we did a density experiment with water and oil. So she got really confused what we were talking about when I introduced water, oil, air, light, noodles, and bending. Just TMI for my baby girl. But it was cool nonetheless. I had her draw observe the glasses from different angles and draw what she saw. 
Left: Noodle in Water. Center: Noodle in Oil. Right: Noodle in Water and Oil. 

*The experiment called for straws, of which I have none! Noodles worked just as well I suppose. Although we did NOT achieve the result instructed in the book for the oil and water combination. Supposedly the "straw" was supposed to look broken in 2 places. As you can see on the right, it only looked broken once.


  1. this science stuff is inspiring

    1. its super fun, but you gotta prepare :D


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