Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Maid Service Double-Standard Reality Check

So for Christmas, my dear husband purchased me a groupon for a one time house cleaning from a local maid service. And before all the ladies start rolling their eyes, you must understand that I am probably the world's worst housekeeper. I'm a stay at home mom who on MOST days lifts not a finger toward cleaning, picking up after herself, or anyone else, to be honest. His gift of this house cleaning was really to "let me off the hook" so to speak. I desperately want a clean house, but rarely have the energy and desire to make that happen. 

But I've been feeling compelled to change this bad and slothful behavior of mine. I want to set an example to my children of cleanliness, responsibility, and order. And I'm committed to allowing this cleaning to jump start me into the New Year--starting off with a clean slate.

The maid service came today to clean my house. She was here for 3 hours and cleaned a ton and still couldn't get every surface. There was just too much dirt. 

Paying someone to clean my home really made me look at the state of my home. I was double checking her work (not in a haughty way, but in a curious as to how it looks-kinda-way), and I even cleaned some surfaces that she wasn't able to get to.

I mean Superman probably wouldn't have been able to clean my whole house in 3 hours, regardless of being faster than a speeding bullet. 

This process of going over her work and noticing the left over surfaces that she couldn't get to made me realize that the standard I used for myself is much lower than the standard I held for her.

And reflecting on that tonight, I'm realizing that I hold almost everyone in my life to higher expectations and standards than I demand of myself. 

I demand so much from those around me, and yet feel less than inclined to reciprocate or set an example through my own behavior. 

This has to change. If I want respect from my children, I need to show respect.

If I want my baseboards cleaned a certain way, I better get to setting the example.

If I want to be paid attention to, I need to start paying attention to others.

This unbalanced way of leading my life needs to be checked. It's an unfair double-standard, and I'm ashamed of it.

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