Saturday, January 21, 2006

first day of class

i tell my new literature teacher that i completely disagree with what she just said about her interpretation of a native american story. AS WE ALLLLL KNOW: native americans used a lot of symbolic characters and metaphores in their writings. well this certain individual [the teacher] thought that a story about a man breaking wind so hard it was like explosions and he was being thrown around up in trees, and losing control of his bowels that made a pile so high it reached the tree tops was a LITERAL STORY?!?! "see when most of us get into a bad situation we say 'i got myself into a pile of shit' well the native americans literally come out and say 'i'm in a pile of shit' [class laughs, Jillien raises her hand. ] It probably would not have been so bad had she not made this comment in the middle of me trying to explain what i thought the passage meant, symbolically, may i add, just like any good english major would.

hopefully she doesnt tilt my grade to the lower side because of my defiance... what do you think? bad move on the first day?

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  1. I don't see anything wrong with participating in class.. even if you do not agree with her...

    Big Bad El Roy Brown


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