Thursday, January 12, 2006

My friend Naomi's sweet sixteen [we are the same age]

isnt this hilarious! this is me around sixteen years old. look how young everyone is. i know most of you dont know this combination of people but its just funny those small memories that you forget and then you see an old photo of the event or of that time in you life and you are embarrassed all by yourself. just embarrassed for no reason at all. kind of like its embarrassing being young or something. this was a fun time in my life. this was a fun night. look at the goofey hat that my friend ashley has on sitting right next to me. THAT SOO FREGGING FUNNY! it was probably really cool back in [2001-2002] wow that wasnt that long ago. i mean im 20 now. i was sixteen then. it really wasnt that long, but when you think about it: the amount of time that has passed is equivalent to the amount of time i spent in highschool. its crazy. hehe time flies!

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