Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I'm not very sensitive when it comes to cultural or racial jokes. I really feel like I'm good at laughing at myself. But at the same time I know when someone is being ugly. Mayor Nagin-Racist. Racist or Crazy Person. anyways....

Illegal Latinos:
*trying to build a life in a better country- a country, which, may i add, treats them like dogs, and enjoys feeling superior to people who work in occupations that are hard, stressful, dangerous and undesirable. also they cannot speak english so of course they must be stupid WRONG! [can you speak spanish? what about italian? french? russian? anything other than english... i didnt think so. and by the way the United States of America has NO official language or religion or anything like that so dont get confused in thinking that they need to speak OUR language... theres no such thing]

some people need to learn some empathy. Learn to show people respect. Everyone deserves HUMAN respect, even those humans that dont act too human. Be grateful that someone is picking up your SHIT because we all know you wont pick it up. [neither would i]

Be grateful that someone is fixing your roof! and to think that there are some people living in TENTS and getting up EARLY to go fix things, build things, basically work their asses off just to make a little money.

Go to a latin market with a western union on a friday night and it will be PACKED with men trying to send money back home to their families. Because thats what matters to these people: family. So they put up with your racism, hatred and ignorance because they KNOW what is really important to devote their energy towards.

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