Sunday, January 01, 2006


well except for me. i spent the entire night throwing up. i ended up not doing anything but laying down last night! totally sucked, but i hope everyone had a great time last night, hope everyone was safe and careful, and lastly, i hope that you all came up with wonderful and helpful new years resolutions.

Here's mine:
1) get back in shape
2)stop using god's name in vain [ i say jesus christ a lot]
3) stop pronouncing the word 'point' like 'pernt'
4) really concentrate in school
5) and i had another one but it just left my brain

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  1. its christian. listen, i dont know how often you check this, i really hope its more than you clean out your voice mail box. jillien its about time you give me explination. you owe me that much. i really hope i hear from you soon. miss you so much


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