Monday, March 13, 2006

My Lenten Story

So like 2 weeks ago, the first friday of lent, I'm at work and the lady that i work with happens to be a Protestant and as some of you know I'm a Catholic. Okay so i make the mistake of telling her that i had no lunch today because the meal i made on thursday had been made accidentally with bacon. and since i dont eat meat on fridays during lent i couldnt bring food. so then the beating begins.... WHY? she asks me. and I repeat b/c i dont eat meat on Fridays during Lent. and she goes on saying. "Show me where it says that in the Bible.... Show me where God says dont eat meat on fridays" and i say that it is my personal sacrifice to God. and she says "you dont have to do that. that is why Jesus died. he died for your sins. he made the sacrifice" and i say "That i feel i am responsible for MY OWN sins." and she just walks away... okay well now lets evaluate this situation. Is it that awful of a sin to sacrifice eating meat on Fridays during Lent as a penance and sacrifice from your sins for the year? Am i going to go to Hell because i gave up chicken and poultry and pork and red meat for the Lord? ooooorrrr is it a GREATER sin to JUDGE OTHER PEOPLE and what they believe brings them closer to SALVATION AND THE LORD! maybe i cant show you in the bible where it says dont eat meat BUT i can show you in the bible where GOD talks about those who JUDGE OTHERS! and how he feels about that! I dont ask you about your Religion. i dont critize the fashion in which you get closer to salvation and jesus. Why do you feel it necessary to critize mine. are my sacrifices and my sacraments soooo evil? Is the fact that i go to church just like you do sooo minimal to the Church that YOU go to? are my prayers less heard because i'm a dirty Catholic? hmm lets think about it. how about instead of judging and critizing how others get closer to God you concentrate on your own salvation.

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