Monday, March 13, 2006

so i took a couple of days off from blogging

just so that i can readjust ya know? just so that i could rethink and reevaluate and RE anything else i can stick on there. just do all that stuff without writing it down so that i wouldnt drown myself in miserable words. i think that i'm strong enough to handle whatever comes my way. i think that God has given me all of the tools i need. its just that I DONT WANT THEM! take them back and give me my old life back... thats the ONLY thing i want. i want to go back to a time when picking out the shirt that makes me look cuter was my most stressful point of the week. my life is sooooo different now. i come and go into and out of happiness... i spend the majority of the time locked inside of my own mind. i used to spend it trying to figure out everyone else's mind. [if you are around me a lot you realize that i'm an observer well some people call it a 'stare-er' i just look at people. i want to know why they are doing what they are doing at that very moment. consequently i'm a wonderful judge of character] ANYWAYS lol [always getting off the point] I need a chill pill. i need a day of normality. i want a time machine or anything to help me forget. but then again at the same time. i have great people around me that WANT and NEED my happiness and do anything to give it to me. And dont get me wrong i'm always querky and goofey and ridiculous. its just that sometimes i think too much. and everything hits me all at once. yaknow?

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