Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Po Po's In Algeries

ok so i'm going into walgreens to fill a prescription. There are two black girls walking across the parking lot. I turn to pull into a parking space. Apparently they didnt see my car, and continue walking. I step out of my car and the two girls are infront of it. One is talking shit to me but i dont really hear her so i say, "is something wrong?" She's goes,"You almost hit my sister with your car!!" and i'm like no i didnt. and she starts yelling so i start yelling too... She pins her body up against mine and the car. She's like " who are you talking to?" and i say "im talking to you" so she goes with both hands to pull my hair and i push my hand into her face. I turn around and now she has the back of my head in her hands. 2 seconds later its done BUT i'm bleeding down my face... how? i guess she scratched me while pulling my hair. anyways i'm bleeding pretty profusely down my face and chest and shirt. They walk into the store and i follow them. They turn around and the older one says "We better run they gunna call the police" some walgreens employee says "they already did" they start running and the managers start running after them and stop them by their car. We all start yelling and I'm pissed and cursing and yelling and so are they. and then the little one goes.. "she must be prejudiced or something because..." and then i go off! "how the hell am i prejudiced... what do i look like to you?" and she goes "mixed" i'm like okay....Are you stupid? how am i prejudiced and why would i want to hit you with my car? then we get separated. the police come. the emt comes. they clean me off. my mother decides not to press charges. and i leave. and i never got my prescription filled.

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