Saturday, March 18, 2006

So i was watching the news

the O'Reilly factor actually, and he had a discussion about St. Patrick's day and this gay female Congressman that wanted to parade with an IM GAY sign at the big ole parade in New York or some big city like that. and i thought that Bill made a great point. St. Patrick's day PARADE has nothing to do with sexuality. it has to do with celebrating a Saint. there were no heterosexuals trying to parade with signs. its just irrelevant to the day and occasion, and it got me thinking.

Anyone that knows me knows that i'm highly comfortable with all types of sexuality. it really is not a huge issue for me[anymore]. i dont consider it taboo, i dont consider it anything of huge importance to be quite honest. it all works for me. soo gay or straight take a break from it all. i understand that you want the world to know that you accept yourself. but theres is a time and a place for everything. not at a parade that is just trying to celebrate a Catholic Saint. I mean you could parade around as an Irish person. thats what its about. but who cares if you are a gay irish person or a straight irish person. show that you are proud of yourself... in just BEING yourself. dont conform, dont shy away, be strong. that makes an even greater statement

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