Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Today was my last day of work...

So im going in on Thursday... ok well now here are some more interesting things that only happen to me. i get told by my boss on my LAST DAY that he needs me to keep coming in because they are immensely backed up and he needs me to help, and me put on the spot agrees to continue working. What is with me and not being able to say no. i always get pressured. i always say yes. why? its like i cant look you in the face and just say 'no i rather not'

i mean i could use the money. and i guess it isnt that bad. but i was looking forward to being jobless. having days off. going to baton rouge for 5 days. having time to study and read. and catch up. i wanted that. and now i've promised myself into not having that. i'm an idiot.

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