Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Haiku! Yes Please

Join the fun!

This weeks theme: Reality

Life is really there
Whether you choose to see it
Or not. It exists.

It is separate. 
The world is not subjective--
relative to you.

People don't dis'ppear
Once you've exited the room;
You self-centered twit.


  1. Awesome!! And I love the word twit!!

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  3. Oooo... I sense some hostility here... :)

  4. They DON'T???? Ok, now my reality is shaken to its core!! ;)

    Well done!

  5. Definitely a back story here...and don't rush off and click the Claudia link. I sense a come-on . . .

    Nice haiku

  6. Very enlightened and yet down to earth.

    ; )

    Sensational Haiku Wednesday

  7. I think twit is a great word too, not too offensive but gets the meaning across. Great Haiku, I also wonder what the story behind it is?!

  8. Are you sure? Cause I'm alone right now and I hear no babies.

    And now on my bucket list is using your last line to someone's face.

  9. I once had a huge debate in Philosophy class with a fellow student over subjective relativism ie. Just because its right or good for me--doesn't necessarily mean its right or good for you. We can never be certain of anything outside of our own perception. But its very dangerous thinking. It is how genocide is justified because you made the personal individual more important than the whole. anyways when the theme came up as reality it was the first thing I thought of....

  10. Love it! I can think of a few people this applies to!


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