Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Moving Frenzy

Moving to North Carolina... is hard and we're not yet at the MOVING PART. we're still setting up for the sale of our home. and by setting up I mean trying to clean up and stage our house.

Just getting the determination to clean my house is impossible. The realtor is supposed to be coming sometime this week to assess my disaster my home.

So I'm putting it out there. How do you find the focus to do things you know you HAVE to do but really don't wanna!???


  1. I play games with myself all of the time. I hate cleaning.

    I use a timer a lot.

    Set it for 15 minutes. Work.

    Set it for 15 minutes. Reward.


    It adds up.


  2. I break up the job into smaller parts. It all gets done with breaks in between. Good luck!

  3. Oh goodness, that just sounds stressful. Take it just a little bit at a time so it's not so overwhelming. You can do it!! :)

  4. Best wishes with the packing/moving! :)

  5. Well, I have this prob as well...soooo, what I do is, when commercials come on, I do something until my show starts again. Try it! you will be amaze at how much you get done..lol

  6. Thanks guys these are all great ideas, and Ive devoted today toward trying them out BECAUSE ITS GETTING SO OUT OF HAND! lol


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