Saturday, February 27, 2010

Its been a while since

I've posted about my celebrity crushes ahahahha.
Here's your chance to roll your eyes and try not to yack up breakfast:

Well I've recently lost all affection for my previous love Russell Brand due to his recent engagement to the female artist I loathe don't enjoy very much: Katy Perry.

I've no one to replace him with in my heart, so I figured I'd bring out an oldie but goodie:
Enrique Iglesias. You're welcome ladies!

To the gentlemen, who never seem to be allowed to have crushes, feel free to comment on the leading ladies you love the most.  

Post Script:Isn't that funny how wives and girlfriends can have celebrity crushes, but are completely indignant toward our men if they admit to a crush.


  1. Enrique, great choice. I love Colin Firth (especially from the Mr. Darcy days). I'm really into Hugh Jackman. Love that Wolverine!

  2. You are so right on about the men vs. women crush things-- I think my DH is trained NOT to have celebrity crushes!

    My coworkers and I were just jamming out to an Enrique song at work the other day (we have a little thing called "Throwback Thursdays", LOL, sounds like a blogging meme!), and discussing his mega-mole-- but it's not in the picture of you you shared. I wonder if he had it removed?!?!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  3. Kelly, Hugh Jackman is definitely a good choice! Colin Firth is a cutie too, in that he might tell you off any second kind of way. *wink*

    Lizzie, Enrique had that mole removed ages ago and now he's without imperfections. It was the only thing keeping him from becoming a deity.

    THanks Jessica :)


  4. As a Male my crushes last a few minutes and whence I can't even remember her face.


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