Thursday, February 11, 2010

Three Word Thursday---Its worth a shot

3WT Hosted by Quilly

This week’s words are:

facinorous – extremely wicked
extirpate – destroy completely; wipeout; surgically remove
hebdomadal – weekly; every seven days

The Bad Seed: What would you give me for a basket of kisses?

I knew I was facinorous at an extremely young age--I mean I'm only 9 and a half now, but I've known for years. It took everyone else a lot longer to figure it out. Some still haven't. It was something I was secretly very proud of--how no one seemed to have a clue. They saw me with my blond, braided pig-tails and thought they knew me. My subtle dimples softening every blow... My childish charm and innocence got me all that I wanted. It worked every time--Well, almost every time.

There was always someone. That one person who at first glance, I could tell, saw straight through me.  Or that person who, through his or her own selfishness, refused to share.  And whom I occasionally had to extirpate. I didn't want to! Its like they made me do it! They wouldn't let go!! 

First that little girl with the medal. Unfortunately, she wasn't a very good swimmer. Honestly WHO doesn't know how to swim!! She was worthless. And to think that they gave HER the gold medal, instead of me!  ...But who cares about her. She's the past. Probably all happy running around as a ghost  somewhere....

Anyway, one must choose carefully whom he or she wishes to move aside. There have been many others since that first little girl. Not like its been a hebdomadal occurrence or anything, but it wasn't until my mother tried to kill us both that I had to relax in my ambitions. Pity. There are so many more that have lessons to learn. 


  1. Oh my. A serial killer by the age of 9! Great story.

    Welcome to 3WT. I am thrilled that you've joined us and I am certain the others will be, too.

    Your blog template is great. The color just pops.

  2. Thanks for joining us. This was a great story. Lizzy Borden at 9 ROFLMAO!!! Well done my friend. Great use of the words. :) Have a great day :)

  3. Jillien, I remember seeing that movie when I was young. It was VERY creepy but I secretly thought that the little girl was a lot like some of the MEAN GIRLS I knew in school...

    Well done in the first person!

  4. ohhhh... what a twisted mind :) great story, and welcome aboard

  5. Yikes! What a character! And a great use of the words, I love it.

  6. h, a very scary 3WT. I'm going to have nightmares.

    A New Old Fairy Tale

  7. You really know how to spin an interesting tale! Well done:)

  8. yes I remember her well and you have her pegged as the little devil she was I remember the movie and have seen it two or three times yes she was twisted.

    Caribbean Pirates

    quilly is write your template is nice and perfect color. hope to see you at "This Blog Of Mine"

  9. Thanks all of you for your sweet comments sorry it took me so long to respond I've been celebrating Mardi Gras for the passed couple of days :)

    I first saw the bad seed when I was about the protagonist's/villain's age. And when I got a little older I read the book. The dark theme really stuck with me forever

    For those of you who expressed interest in my template, I downloaded it from this site:

    My husband had to set it up because I'm not very tech savvy.

    Have blessed weeks :)


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