Friday, March 05, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

--I've been in a charged debate with someone over the existence of God. Loving every minute of it and love how much thought this young man has put into his world. I hope to put more thoughts and different thoughts into it.

--I've been ridiculously busy trying to get my home sell-ready. Its a mess and dirty and needs a paint job and has so much work it doesn't even make sense.

--I've run out of books to read and am (-) this close to running to Barnes and Noble right now to pick one up! I've already packed up about a hundred books and feel like theres nothing left to entertain me.

--I'm wondering how much longer until I feel like I've got mothering down packed. When will I become the mother than I aspire to be?

--I can't wait for Church on Sunday. I've had to surrender my burdens to the Lord in the past, but right now it seems like I'm surrendering my whole life..... As a mother, friend, wife, writer, person, Christian. I need help with it all right now.



  1. When will you have mothering down??? Oh, hon, that doesn't hit until you become a grandmother. THEN you become a freaking expert!

  2. Did this young man ever said he is a man or you inferred it?

    Have a nice weekend ;)

  3. @ The Writer: he said he was male in a comment he left on celebrity crushes. its only logical to assume he is young because his profile has him described as a high school student.

    @quandlequeen: well at least i have something to look forward to :) Thanks for commenting.

    Blessed weekends to you both!!

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