Friday, August 26, 2005

Carter Carter bo Barter Banana fana fo Farter...

So i have this teacher that i'm already in conflict with and it is only the first week of school. She HONESTLY thinks she is the smartest teacher at Our Lady of Holy Cross and THE WORLD.

"I'm a scholar..." "Not only am i educated in Nursing, English, Business but i'm well known in world history" "if you dont have a 3.8 i wouldnt even bother applying to graduate school" WOW get your head out of your @$$.

She assigned pages 1-40 but the funny thing is that page one is an introduction and page 40 is in the middle of a story... AND we have a 300 word essay due on an introduction and half a story by tuesday. I know that 300 words isnt a lot, but its ridiculous to ask for considering that the entire 2.5 hours we spent in her class all she did was talk about herself. i'm really not exaggerating.

i think i might drop the class. but i know i need it for my major. and i would have to replace it with an elective. what do you think? suck it up this is the real world hunny, or drop that class and take your chances another semester??

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  1. Just passing thru but had to post a comment. That was too funny! I can remember classes like that also. Just hang in there, you will be glad you did when it helps you out with your major.


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