Tuesday, August 23, 2005


So i went to subway for lunch and there is this worker there that i've seen before but i honestly didnt think she was going to last long enough to see her again. I cant tell if she's mentally retarded or loaded on drugs. its really weird and its honestly took away my hunger. she looks aimlessly into the air. "LOOK AT ME GIRL and give me some more MAYO. I NEED MAYO!!!!" *i hate you* i murmur as i walk down to the register.


  1. "Uh yes ma'am ill have light lettuce"
    >>Woman then procedes to grab the whole bin of lettuce and dump it on my samdwich. Dont even know whatto say about that

  2. exactly. it must be something about subway. Its like a secret cult of idiots that refuse to change their plastic gloves and do the complete opposite of everything you say. "light?"=five handfuls.


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