Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Let me explain the wonderfulness that is Bryan to me. He makes me laugh constantly, not because he's always cracking jokes but because he's witty and sarcastic and just subtly funny. He's not just the type of friend that you call when you are bored. He's the kind of friend that your bored if you dont call. He makes you feel comfortable. he isnt overbearing. He's incredibly INTELLIGENT. more so than one individual should be allowed to be. He's good looking and He's going to be an astronaut/plastic surgeon when he grows up... okay the plastic surgeon thing is in the air, but the astronaut thig is totally TRUE! it would be hard to find someone as good and entertaining as bryan. he's one of those friends that you just want to never let go. He's going to be big one day. and he deserves it.

doesnt that make you totally sick?! someone that perfect?

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