Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My first day of school

So yesterday was my first day of class. i have human nutrition first thing in the morning. it seems like its going to be fun but the teacher is kind of screwy. she spent 20 mins out of class looking for a dry erase pen. like it was THAT important. i was like oooookay. and then erika and i went to denny's before my second class CIS. a computer class for freshmen and the computer illiterate. well me and erika are juniors and we are just taking it. its very sad. but the teacher didnt show up after 20 mins so we got up and left. hehe no one can be 20 mins late. thats just ridiculous. anyway i hope this is going to be a good semester. i need to graduate summa cum laude or however you spell it so. i need to keep my gpa up. wish me luck

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