Sunday, August 14, 2005

watching tv...

I'm a cartoon watching fiend. I'm addicted to Camp Lazlo, Madame Foster's, Spongebob, Jimmy Neutron, etc. Of course i watch the occasional Family Guy and Simpson episodes, but its the 'kiddy' cartoons that i enjoy the most. maybe its their simplicity and witt. dont get me wrong Family Guy and the Simpson's are HILARIOUS. i just dont work my schedule around watching them like i do these baby cartoons. Why do you think that is? maybe i'm the only one left. the only Toy R Us kid left. hehe or maybe not.
In a way i think most cartoons have become really stupid and gross. Snot and nastiness, you know?? they're barely funny. It just that they're directed towards children. Like for example a little while ago i was actually awake in time to catch saturday morning cartoons. and there was this one cartoon in particular that caught my eye because of its stupidity. Its a cartoon about Sherlock Holmes. BUT its in the future. So Watson is actually a robot or something like that. and there are people, cyborgs and 1/2 people 1/2 cyborgs. its so strange and stupid!!! what is wrong with the world?
But i guess the same could be said about some cartoons from back in the day... does anyone remember Rocko's Modern Life? or the Lil Bits?

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