Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Me and Erika go to denny's yesterday after my first period class. i go up to the cashier who is writing down the list for the tables. [i never tell people my right name because they dont understand the name Jillien. its like an alien language from Jupiter. when i say 'jillien' they hear ggoweknadnoel. its weird. So my name for YEARS now is Lu. pronounced Lou.] so i tell the lady "Lu" and she writes "L" and i say no 'l' 'u', "Lu" and she write "LD" i'm like wow... My name is Lu "L" "U" LU, LU, LU
Erika= "not Lead, LU"

what is with these fast food places?? i thnk its just me. stupidity and ridiculousness just follows me

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