Thursday, October 16, 2008

As a minority...

I feel like I have an advantage of looking at things with a clearer vision. I know that sounds strange,but give me minute and I'll explain.

So we're going through this very monumental presidential election. On one hand we have obama a democrat who supports abortion and other policies that I cannot support--also his past affiliations with black panthers and other outrageously racist black supremacists honestly scare me. And then we have this older white male who --for the most part-- offers everything i feel this country needs.

Now many people are voting for Obama because he's African American and other more educated people are voting for him because they believe in his vision for america. I just happen to be a Hispanic female who isn't supporting another minority because he's a minority, who happens to see the "reverse racism" all over the media.

THe other day they were showing clips of the presidential candidates being asked questions that they had difficulty answering.

As an American, I was particularly offended by one:

John McCain was asked "What have you done to improve the lives of African Americans?"... and of course as a testament that he's a racist--he had difficulty answering.

Now let me ask you if you honestly can say that this question is fair at all? What incredible responsibility to place on ONE MAN to improve the lives of millions of people, but not all people or Americans in general.. He had to put all his attention and effort to improve the lives of just African Americans.

Really what happened to "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what YOU can do for your Country. " Is it racists to reply. "What have African Americans done to improve their OWN lives?"

I'm tired of being Latino American. In reality I'm an AMERICAN. just plain AMERICAN. improve the lives of Americans--not hispanics or blacks or women. When are we going to just let it all go?

Its good to embrace your heritage and your ethnicity but to separate yourself from others based on it, is Un-American.

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